The Wolfpack

Our Summer BBQ Party!

Friday marked the end of the Fiscal Year 2017-18, a highly pressurised time where everyone sprints flat-out towards the finish line and smashes those critical deadlines and targets…  

After a year of incredible successes and growth, and with temperatures in Glasgow reaching 30 degrees, our team were rewarded for all their hard work with a Summer Party!

Our car park was completely transformed…the cocktails were flowing, BBQ sizzling… and a DJ had everyone dancing to our favourite disco summer anthems! To help cool off in the unusual Glasgow heat, we had a jacuzzi and an ice-cream van (the firm favourite was the vodka slush!) 

It wouldn’t be Pursuit if there wasn’t a competitive edge to it, and Chris and Caraidh scooped cash for winning challenges on the Total Wipeout and Rodeo.

See the fun in action via the Daily Record who had Journalists onsite:

…or our own Highlights video: 

It was an incredible day surrounded by amazing people and celebrating our team’s results is an integral part of our award-winning culture.

Our team continuously push forward and break records, and we cannot wait to see what they can achieve in 2018-19… Bring it on!

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Breakfast Club Launch

Another new week... another new initative for #TheWolfpack. On Monday the 14th of August we launched our brand new BREAKFAST CLUB  – serving free breakfast every morning, for our whole team!

We’re treating our staff to a daily selection of healthy breakfast options to encourage productivity and healthy living in line with our firm stance on employee wellbeing. Options include; Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, Granola, Yoghurt, Fruit, Wholemeal Bread, Avocado, Bagels, Nuts, Raisins, and more… & of course, washed down with hot drinks for those in need of their morning caffeine fix!

Jump Start To Our Weekend!

The #Wolfpack is getting back into gear, with an intense circuits class this morning!

 18 of our staff joined Dave at the Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing gym this morning for an energizing start to the morning.

 Exercising all major muscle groups and incorporating cardio, Dave’s circuit class is heavy duty – good thing we have our three-day weekend ahead to recover!

 Our regular gym visits are all part of our award-winning Health and Wellbeing initiative, which we believe is at the core to our happy, healthy, motivated workforce.


Work Life Week 2016!


Its Work Life Week! To celebrate, we thought we’d explore how we invest in our staff and why we have such low sickness leave, and such high productivity and efficiency.

Pursuit has a happy, motivated workforce, the best in the world as far as we’re concerned! Our staff is our greatest asset, and so we invest a great deal of them. After all, you get out what you put in!

Our Health and Wellness Strategy is in place to maximise our employees’ personal happiness and satisfaction, and includes an onsite wellness coach and monthly visits from an NLP coach, aiding our employees in achieving their own personal goals.

We also have employees covered with all they could need to ensure a healthy lifestyle outside of work, supplying our employees with private health insurance, free gym memberships, and a stress helpline available in and out of work hours.

Across the board our staff are high-achievers, so we have all the right incentives in place to encourage this and ensure a productive workforce. These include industry-leading salaries and uncapped bonuses, as well as a £1000 training budget that supplies employees with development opportunities they deserve.

To top it all off, we also introduced a 4 day week for our staff, without lowering pay, meaning employees have more time to do the things that they love. After all, we only have one life, and who wants to spend it all in work?

But it’s not just us that invest in our staff, through all their hard-work and productivity, our employees have made Pursuit Marketing the success that it is today.  Work Life Week serves to remind us that work-life balance is vital to employees’ happiness, but also that the workplace should be somewhere your employees want to be. This is why we invest in our staff, and why Pursuit has achieved everything it has to date. I think Richard Branson put it best when he said, “Learn to look after your staff and the rest will follow.” Happy Work Life Week!

Launch of our 4 Day Working Week! Long Weekends for everyone!

We were delighted to read The Evening Time's article this morning regarding the launch of our 4 Day Working Week initiative! We introduced this new work schedule at the beginning of September as we believe that work-life balance is so important for both staff morale and productivity. Our team works really hard so we are always looking for new ways to reward them!

Our '4 Day Working Week' scheme is simple; Friday's are entirely voluntary! Any of the team are welcome to come in and earn more towards their bonus if they so wish, the office is open all day and they can come and go as they please. On the other hand, if team members have had a really productive week then a Friday off is a fantastic reward for their hard work - and they can take the day to go enjoy themselves!

As far as we are concerned, our sales team's working week is Monday - Thursday, and Fridays are a chance for staff to do things that they love; whether it's spending time with family and friends, pampering themselves at the spa, or... SCUBA DIVING?! (ahem, we love it Ian!!)

The Pursuit Wolfpack #WorksHard but #PlaysHarder!! 

Click here to read The Evening Time's article on Pursuit's 4 Day Working Week!

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The Pursuit family

Pursuit Marketing prides itself in offering fair and equal employment opportunities to all.
We remove barriers, and recruit based on attitude.

Our recent photoshoot highlights our Flexible Working practices, ensuring parents can achieve the most rewarding work/life balance.

If you are a parent looking to make the best career move for you and your family...we'd love to hear from you?

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