BBC Radio Scotland - Live Broadcast on our #4DayWeek

Did you hear our CEO, Patrick, and Senior Telemarketer, Debbie, on this morning's BBC Radio Scotland live broadcast with Stephen Jardine?! 

BBC Radio Scotland invited us along to chat about our new #4DayWeek initiative! We were joined by Professor Cary Cooper, the President of the British Academy of Management, who was strongly in favour of our innovative approach to work schedules. Cary believes that by giving staff the option to work a 4-day week, there will be significant increases in productivity - which we have already seen over the first month of our new scheme! He praised the relationship-focused approach to work implemented by our management team and it was fantastic to get an insight from such an accredited professional!

Big thanks for Stephen & the team at the BBC for having us on the show this morning - we loved getting involved, what a great response we've had this week & it's been an amazing atmosphere in the office!! #ThursdayIsTheNewFriday

Launch of our 4 Day Working Week! Long Weekends for everyone!

We were delighted to read The Evening Time's article this morning regarding the launch of our 4 Day Working Week initiative! We introduced this new work schedule at the beginning of September as we believe that work-life balance is so important for both staff morale and productivity. Our team works really hard so we are always looking for new ways to reward them!

Our '4 Day Working Week' scheme is simple; Friday's are entirely voluntary! Any of the team are welcome to come in and earn more towards their bonus if they so wish, the office is open all day and they can come and go as they please. On the other hand, if team members have had a really productive week then a Friday off is a fantastic reward for their hard work - and they can take the day to go enjoy themselves!

As far as we are concerned, our sales team's working week is Monday - Thursday, and Fridays are a chance for staff to do things that they love; whether it's spending time with family and friends, pampering themselves at the spa, or... SCUBA DIVING?! (ahem, we love it Ian!!)

The Pursuit Wolfpack #WorksHard but #PlaysHarder!! 

Click here to read The Evening Time's article on Pursuit's 4 Day Working Week!

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