The Telemarketing Guide: What Is B2B Appointment Setting?

If you’re in the B2B industry, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “appointment setting” more than once. But do you know what it actually entails?

While it might initially sound like the easiest thing in the world, appointment setting is actually one of the most challenging business aspects to consider in 2019. Essentially, it involves having a group of your employees reaching out to specific industry professionals in order to set a meeting where they can convince them to buy the service or products that your company sells. This is also called B2B appointments. In this quick guide to telemarketing, we’ll take a closer look at how appointment setting works, and why it’s important for modern businesses.

How Pursuit Marketing Avoids Data Decay

Acquiring customer data and maintaining its validity is no easy task.

Many marketers invest precious time and money on expanding their customer databases – completely unaware, however, of the data decay that is going on right under their noses. The truth is that when you’re managing customer data, whether it’s a small or large database, data degradation is a common occurrence. And it can be devastating to marketers who are working hard in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of their database.

Pursuit - Best Channel Marketing Agency 2018?

Pursuit - Best Channel Marketing Agency 2018?

On Friday, we got the news that Pursuit Marketing is a Finalist in the Best Channel Marketing Agency category at the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards 2018!  Pursuit don’t do Fridays, so we're delighted to share this with you today.

We're absolutely thrilled to be short-listed for this award, particularly as we were encouraged to enter by our clients.  We can safely say that 2018 is off to a really good start for us here at Pursuit Marketing, and while our people enjoy the benefits of our sustained’s always nice for our extraordinary results in the channel to be recognised within the industry.

5 Content Marketing Tips from the Powerful Women on ‘Game of Thrones’.

“Game of Thrones” embraces powerful female characters, with each week featuring impactful performances of complex characters by talented women.

The show’s themes of power, revenge, moral ambiguity, politics and identity have intrigued us for hundreds of years, however its female characters can also give you guidance on everything from career moves to the creative spark you didn’t know your marketing campaign was missing.

Pursuit Marketing's Lorraine Gray Declared Flexible Working Champion

Our very own Lorraine Gray, Operations Director, has been declared a champion of flexible working by Family Friendly Working Scotland.

Following a successful 10-year career in IT Lead Generation, Lorraine was part of a small team of 5 who formed Pursuit Marketing in January 2011.

For the past 6 years, Lorraine has been a leading force in the development of our award-winning health & wellbeing initiatives, which have supported Pursuit to exceed all growth targets, creating an unparalleled employer brand and reputation in the IT & communications industry.

Breakfast Club Launch

Another new week... another new initative for #TheWolfpack. On Monday the 14th of August we launched our brand new BREAKFAST CLUB  – serving free breakfast every morning, for our whole team!

We’re treating our staff to a daily selection of healthy breakfast options to encourage productivity and healthy living in line with our firm stance on employee wellbeing. Options include; Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, Granola, Yoghurt, Fruit, Wholemeal Bread, Avocado, Bagels, Nuts, Raisins, and more… & of course, washed down with hot drinks for those in need of their morning caffeine fix!

Content Marketing: Why You Should Do It, And How To Do It Correctly

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

69% of marketers say quality content is superior to direct mail and PR, and a further 86% state that content marketing is now an important part of their organisation’s overall marketing and communication strategy. Combine this knowledge with the fact that 72% of marketers are producing significantly more content than they did a year ago, you now must admit – we have your attention .