Social Media Marketing

Experts in the Global B2B & Technology Marketspace 

Social Media is a prevalent and fundamental pillar of the digital marketing mix – with advanced targeting across social media platforms, there are more ways than ever to reach your ideal audience.

Pursuit can guide and recommend the best approach for your business to succeed online. Your social strategy is entirely dependent on your business, your industry and your unique goals and we will work with you to establish and develop a defined strategy which can guarantee you results.

Our team are highly experienced in building organic social presence, as well as executing targeted multi-channel paid campaigns. All efforts are integrated and monitored to ensure consistent brand messaging, targeting and avoidance of audience saturation.  

Working closely with our representatives across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we stay updated on the latest trends and advertising features, enabling us to keep audiences engaged and our clients competitive.

The Pursuit Approach:

  • Content research, production & monthly calendar planning

  • Campaign support & development

  • Social asset design & creation

  • Brand monitoring

  • Competitor analysis

  • Audience profiling

  • Reporting & analysis

  • Social advertising & promotional posts

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“Pursuit Marketing were fun to work with – each team member provided something different in value. We were particularly impressed by their determination to deliver successful campaigns, commitment to our brand development and overall dedication to our projects.”

Helen Workman                                               Marketing Manager                                           XMA Marketing