Data Cleansing

Did you know that your business database decays by as much as 40% a year?

Out-of-date contact and company information significantly weakens promotional activities.

If you’re planning to run a Direct Marketing campaign, or looking for reliable and accurate target data, we can also deliver detailed lists of relevant marketing or sales contacts tailored to any specific sector or demographic.

With our help, you can refine who you are targeting and your methods or reaching them in order to get the optimal results for your campaign.

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“In 2015 we conducted a pilot campaign with Pursuit to identify highly qualified sales opportunities for our Finance/ERP team. Based on the results of this project, we increased our activity and expanded the demand generation to include our HCM and CX solutions. We are actively planning our campaigns for 2017, and look forward to continued success.”    

Hugo Whicher,                                                         UK SaaS Marketing Director                                     Oracle