Account Based Marketing for IT

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Pursuit's specialist Account Based Marketing is offered with Guaranteed Results - to make an immediate impact and add value to your sales pipeline for 2018/19.

Users expect personalisation more and more, with 96% of digital marketers praising the ability of a personalised approach to advance customer relationships.

Personalisation isn’t only important in a consumer space, it’s also the basis of one of the most effective marketing approaches for the B2B industry.

Rather than casting the net wide and hoping to attract as many clients as possible, Account Based Marketing instead focuses on a set of targeted accounts within an industry and develops a hyper-personalised strategy at an account-by-account basis. 

The Pursuit Approach:

1.      Identify Your High-Priority Accounts

By analysing existing data, new, high-value accounts can be identified. Factors to consider should include revenue potential, market position and influence, potential customer loyalty and repeat business, introductions and recommendations. Research into the company’s structure, partners and decision makers should be identified.

2.      Establish Personalisation Message

To woo key accounts, you must provide value, and convince users of this value. A personalised, content-first approach which speaks to the target account by identifying their challenges and providing them with the winning solution is a solid approach to establishing the basis for a relationship. This messaging must be presented at each stage of the user’s journey, from initial interaction, to landing pages, face to face communications.

3.      Define Key Communication Channels

Campaigns should be integrated across channels for a seamless user experience. Sales team efforts should also be co-ordinated to ensure the brand appears coherent and messaging is impactful. Multi-channel marketing, cross-channel attribution and stronger integration and reporting is enabling marketers to deliver coherent, integrated communications more effectively than before.

4.      Execute, Test, Learn & Optimise

All activity, online and offline, should be monitored for quality, engagement and potential weak-spots to improve upon. Pre-defined KPIs are continually measured against in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each campaign, and account ROI is maximised.

With over 120 telemarketing consultants based in Glasgow, including a large team of bi-lingual and native speakers, we have the ability to launch successful campaigns spanning 24 countries worldwide.

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“Pursuit Marketing were fun to work with – each team member provided something different in value. We were particularly impressed by their determination to deliver successful campaigns, commitment to our brand development and overall dedication to our projects.”

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