Pursuit has one of the largest, most up-to-date B2B databases in the UK. Enriched with over 3 Billion data points and constantly updated, our data is accurate and GDPR compliant.

Audience segmentation across factors such as Industry, Job Titles, Employee Band and Location ensures you are only reaching the most qualified audiences.

Our high-quality data encourages higher response rates as you're guaranteed to speak to the most suited decision makers in your target companies.








Data-Targeted Marketing Campaigns

We don't sell data lists, we help companies use them to their full potential, generating demand and qualified leads through strategic marketing campaigns.

Our team of B2B digital marketers can recommend and expertly-deliver targeted campaigns across:

  • Email

  • Content marketing

  • Data-targeted paid campaigns across Google, Bing and LinkedIn

Pursuit creates a clear hyper-personalised strategy, connecting to your potential clients in a way that generates optimal demand. Using our 360 marketing provisions we convert this demand into the high-quality leads and appointments that you need to increase sales revenues. 

Data Cleansing

Did you know that your business database decays by as much as 40% a year?

Out-of-date contact and company information significantly weakens promotional activities.

If you’re planning to run a Direct Marketing campaign, or looking for reliable and accurate target data, we can also deliver detailed lists of relevant marketing or sales contacts tailored to any specific sector or demographic.

With our help, you can refine who you are targeting and your methods or reaching them in order to get the optimal results for your campaign.

Data Intelligence

Enhance your understanding of your current and prospect clients through data intelligence. Through analysis your data, you can discover more about your client behaviours, engagement, and journeys.

With this knowledge, you can make better informed decisions to nurture existing relationships, increase engagement and effectively reach new prospects.